LG KF750 now official, still unnamed

LG KF750 now official, still unnamed
Today, LG posted an official teaser for its upcoming third generation Black Label series phones. As we revealed back in February, this is the KF750, which unlike the Chocolate and the Shine, still doesn’t have a name. However, on April 24, LG will officially unveil the new brand-name, as well as the full specifications of the device. For now, it only reveals that it is a 5-megapixel slider that uses eccentric materials such as carbon fiber and tempered glass.

LG KF750 Preliminary Specifications

source:  LG



1. George unregistered

awsome phone...VZW should get it

2. unregistered

To bad they won't.

3. jake unregistered

Lets face it I do believe that verizon is the best network among all. They have the most tower based in the u.s. and yes I do believe that it all depends on the area you live in . but as soon as you leave that area you will have drop calls unlike verizon. Getting back to my point verizon has the ugliest phones among all and there phones are old. Meaning they get new phones but it had already came out a year ago before they get it and to make things worst sprint gets its first before verizon does.

4. some guy unregistered

Venus...Voyager...Flipshot...Juke...Gleam...those are all old? the soon to be env2 and Dare and Decoy? There is nothing old, ugly, or bad about Verizon's phones, it just happens that Verizon targets there phones at the majoriy, not towards the tech cell phone geek few like us!

5. ILOVEHATELG unregistered

Looks like direct competion to the Samsung U900 SOUL phone. I bet the LG KF750 (this phone) is going to win. It looks nicer, I bet it's thinner too. I've seen the controls, they're great. A screen that creates patterns and has haptic feedback. This phone already won. But not really. :o)

6. Matt unregistered

This phone is expected in Europe soon which means it will be a GSM phpone. Sorry Verizon. You'll have to wait.

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