LG KF750

LG KF750
We received exclusive photos of LG’s new high-class model, the KF750. It is a slim slider, supplied with 5-megapixel camera and an additional one for video calling, hinting on the 3G support. Instead of the standard D-pad, there is only a center/confirm key, and a touch area. Leaked live spy photo, reveals that it is not a display (as in KF600) but rather a simple sensor, similar to the KF510.

We are not really sure how the phone would be advertised, and if it will be the third generation of the Black Label series, following the Chocolate and the Shine. However, we are not really excited, due to its stylish, but just plain design – there are no innovations. It is strange that being of a high class (5-megapixel camera), the phone doesn’t have a small touch display, instead of the navigation keys. For the new Black Label it would be logical to see something similar to the GLIMMER for Alltel – slim design (as of the Shine or Chocolate) and large touch display occupying the whole front side.

The LG KF750 is not officially announced yet. Having in mind there already are live spy photos of a working model, this may happen soon, especially with CeBIT coming in a week.



1. marika unregistered

looks good. anyone got it ad think i shouldnt get it?

8. unregistered

I have it ,it does look good but its a pain to use,the touch pad is very sensitive,and the battery life is poor,I have not been able to get MMS on it yet theres a problem ,so NO I wish I had not got it.and do not reccomend it at all.

2. unregistered

how much are these been sold for in Australia and aer they out now? thanks...

3. chamot07 unregistered

$749AUD Awesome phone, the screen is so strong it's rediculous - you can burn it and it won't melt, drop it and it doesn't scratch. Best of all, the Java games - you swivel the screen for game play action. The music player is excellent quality - better than what the iPod produces in my opinion. Best phone i've ever had.

4. Peterred10 unregistered

Accidently set mine with the language on CHINESE. Now everything is chinese and I don't know how to change it back. Can you help me??

5. chamot07 unregistered

1. Open the Menu 2. On the bottom Right Corner is the Phone Settings 3. Press "2" on your Number pad (which is the Language menu) 4. Press "2" again which selects English. :)

6. seth unregistered

uhhmmm.. it looks very good... where can I buy that one here in the Phillippines anyway??? plss tell me..

9. jipri unregistered

I just got one last night. Brand new. It's cool... It's awesome... however, it's too complex for me. I wanted to have a phone where I can text while driving. hehehehe... I have plans of selling it. if there's somebody who wanted one, just get in touch with me. I'm from the Philippines. email me. Jeff jipridpogi@yahoo.com

7. unregistered

Impressive phone ,I have one but what is difficult for me is to find games and application for the phone.

10. ==>{Tyrael}

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 11, 2009

i've got the KF750 and have discovered an interesting problem. i put an .MP3 on the phone then edited the file using the phones music/sound editor to shorten it to a 3 second message tone (give or take). however, when i get a message the phone vibrates for about 5 seconds and only plays a quater of a second of the sound file. anybody experiencing a similar problem? or anyone with a solution would also be helpfull.

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