LG G Flex is the first smartphone with a curved battery

LG G Flex curved battery
Several weeks ago, LG Chem confirmed that it has successfully developed a curved battery, and now we know which smartphone the cell will be outfitted in for the first time. This is, as expected, the newly-announced LG G Flex – the battery was made specifically for company's first curved screen smartphone, minimizing the dead space inside the handset's body by following its curvature. 

LG Chem has applied its patented Stack & Fold technology, which does a great job at minimizing the stress on the battery's components as the cell is being molded to the desired shape. At the same time, the company has managed to maintain the battery's high stability and performance. Even with its unorthodox shape, the curved battery inside the LG G Flex can hold 3500mAh of charge.

Two more innovative battery designs presented by LG Chem earlier this month include the company's Stepped and Cable battery technologies. The former allows for two batteries to be stacked together, thus forming unusual battery shapes that make the most of the space available inside of a handset, while the latter, designed for low electricity usage and minimum heating, allows batteries to be bent, twist, and even tied in a knot.

source: LG

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