John Legere: iPhone 7 preorders 4x greater than iPhone 6, matte black for the kill

The iPhone 6s screen protectors won't be compatible with the iPhone 7
If we can't get our hands on the trendy Jet Black iPhone 7 version, we'll settle for the next closest option - matte black - or at least that seems to be the thinking of T-Mobile subs.

The Un-carrier's flamboyant CEO John Legere took to Periscope earlier, to give us a glimpse of the preorder frenzy, and it turns out that the iPhone 7 buys have been no less than "four times bigger than the iPhone 6," and the most popular color has been the Black edition, or the one with the matte instead of the piano lacquer finish. 

Considering that the iPhone 6 was the largest upgrade in the iPhone's history, going from a puny 3.5" display to a decent 4.7-incher, this bodes well for the iPhone 7 sales in general, where 120 million folks that rock two-year or older iPhones represent a giant pent-up demand target

Of course, T-Mobile offers a free iPhone 7 if you trade in a qualifying handset in the form of bill credits, but all four carriers now do the same in one form or another, so even though Apple won't be announcing launch weekend sales as usual, the new iPhone duo seems poised for blockbuster holiday season.

source: John Legere (Periscope) via AppleInsider

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