January 3rd is here but many Apple iPhone alarm clocks are still not working

January 3rd is here but many Apple iPhone alarm clocks are still not working
 We recently reported about a problem that many Apple iPhone users experienced right as the date changed to 1/1/11. From that point forward, owners of Apple's touchscreen device found that any alarm set to go off for one time only would fail. We also gave you a solution which was to set every alarm for multiple days and then delete the left over days once the bell rang.

No one seemed to care too much about the temporary fix because a story circulated that the problems with the alarm clock would self-correct on January 3rd. And that led to one of the most bizarre theories as some believed that the guys at Cupertino were so concerned about the lack of sleep that iPhone users would experience over the holiday weekend, that they purposely set the alarm clock to fail until businesses started re-opening on January 3rd. And while some did find that their alarm clock went back to work perfectly on Monday, the more typical example was the experience by iPhone user sueannelove from Singapore who tweeted, "My iPhone alarm didn't work again. Time to dig out (the) old school alarm clock."
Regardless of whether you believe the story or not, the bottom line is that setting one-off alarms on the Apple iPhone is still resulting in the alarm clock failing and people missing appointments and coming in late for work. Until Apple send out a patch, you can still set your alarm for multiple days and delete them when you awaken, or buy a cheap alarm clock.

source: Reuters

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