JINS MEME is a wearable that “lets you see yourself”

JINS MEME is a wearable that “lets you see yourself”
Wearable technology is here to stay, even though it is a segment that has yet to really catch on in the mainstream. For some items, it is about cost, functionality, and durability, like the smartwatches that are working their way into the main stream.

Then for others, it is about appearance, like Google Glass. That is not to say Glass will not be successful, it has been embraced by the developer community, and Google pretty much sold out when it made Glass available for sale to anyone on April 15th.

However, and this will come as no surprise to anyone, Glass looks weird. Form definitely followed function by a distance when it came to designing Glass. That is not a bad thing, early adopters will be like those who bought the first Toyota Prius hybrid automobiles, making a statement and showing it off to anyone and everyone who will notice.

In Japan, engineers are taking a different approach to wearables. Already, one project out of the Hiroshima City University takes on the idea through an unobtrusive ear-piece. Now a group of smart men are looking at eye-wear a different way.

Instead of using eyewear to be a means to augment reality, or instead of having a smartwatch that may provide only a glancing observation of heartbeat and walking distance, JINS MEME glasses measures your condition by reading you instead.

By reading eye movement, JINS MEME can measure mental and physical tiredness. The glasses are synced with your smartphone, and thus can send you an alert when you reach a certain point. If you are becoming sleepy, JINS MEME will tell you. It can also measure your physical condition in real time, giving you a live broadcast of your calorie burn, speed (of walking or jogging), and posture.

The app, which JIN CO, LTD expects will be available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, will give you a summary of activity, and presenting the most visible condition on top. There will be three styles of glasses available initially, and prescription lenses will be supported.

JIN CO just announced the JINS MEME, and there is an SDK available, so developers can work with apps that might benefit from blinking action commands, shifts in vision, or data from the triple-axis gyro. You can go the source link to sign up for product updates.

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sources: JINS MEME via Japan Trends

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