Is this the display for the iPad mini?

ipad mini display
You know how it goes: each time there is a new Apple product about to launch, the rumor mill provides more and more leaks the closer we get to the device's alleged announcement date. That is valid for the iPad mini as well – the rumored, 7.85-inch tablet that Apple has yet to reveal.

What we have here, folks, are said to be photos of the screen meant to go inside the iPad mini. Reportedly, it has the 4:3 aspect ratio that iPad screens are known for and measures 162 millimeters by 124 millimeters. We took these figures and applied some math skills only to get a diagonal of 20.4 centimeters or 8.03 inches. And that is pretty close to the rumored 7.85-inch diagonal size of the screen on the iPad mini.

Furthermore, the labeling on the display suggests that it has been made by LG Display. That evidence lines up nicely with rumors from before claiming that LG Display is the maker burdened with manufacturing most of the iPad mini screens. Last but not least, the ribbon cable has been labeled in a manner identical to how genuine Apple components are being marked.

Of course, we can't really confirm that the screen panel you see below is indeed made for the iPad mini. Nevertheless, it will all be revealed in only several days' time, as the iPad mini is expected to be officailly announced on October 23.

source: ETrade Supply, Nowhere Else (translated) via Mac Rumors

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