Xiaomi once again blatantly rips off Apple and this time it threatens to sue users who expose it

Is this Xiaomi's most shameful rip-off yet?
Xiaomi might not be a name you have heard much in North America, but it's one of the biggest phone makers in Asia and is popular in Europe. The company is best known for its dirt cheap phones that undercut the competition on price, but it's known for something else too: ripping off other companies' ideas.

And with the launch of its now off-shoot: CC, a new brand that supposedly stands for "camera+camera", or alternatively for trendy words starting with "C" like "chic, cool, colorful and creative" (Xiaomi is not decided on what it actually means), Xiaomi takes ripping off others' ideas to the next level.

What we are referring to is the "new" Mimoji feature on the just-launched Xiaomi CC9 phone: a rip-off so obvious Xiaomi only bothered to change one letter in the original "Memoji" name that Apple uses and definitely did not bother even slightly altering the appearance of the avatars used.

Just take a look at a few of Apple's original Memoji avatars to see just exactly how strikingly similar the "new" Mimoji are to Apple's original:

The funny part is that a few days ago Xiaomi released a press release flat out denying it has copied Apple memoji, but the fun ends when it threatens users who accuse it of the obvious borrowings with legal action:

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All of this is shameful and really just a bit sad.

Just last year, Xiaomi ripped-off Apple's Animoji characters on its flagship phone, the Mi 8, with similar, but uglier looking, lower-res virtual avatars. Prior to that it released a blatant rip-off of the Apple AirPods, and it has mimicked Apple's designs in its phones and interface multiple times throughout the years.

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