Is there more than one iPhone 4G in Steve Jobs' pocket?

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Is there more than one iPhone 4G in Steve Jobs' pocket?
According to DIGITIMES analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple's 4G project consisted of not one, but two handsets. The models had code names of N90 and N91. The former is the now famous model with the flat back that was left in the California bar and ended up sold to Gawker Media for $8,500. The latter device is a less dressed-up version of the N90 and is expected to replace that model if modifications to the phone's specs cause delays. According to DIGITIMES, there is a chance that Apple may decide to replace the 3GS with the N91 model which sports 256MB of RAM like the 3GS. In fact, the source makes the N91 sound like a slightly modified iPhone 3GS stuffed into a new casing. Which model will Mr. Jobs pull out of his pocket on June 7th? Let's hope that Apple's CEO doesn't stop at a bar or a gym on the way to the WWDC that day.

Apple iPhone 4G Preliminary Specifications

source: fonehome



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If u don't care don't read the article. And don't waste your time with a comment. Either way stop trolling, it's annoying.

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How about the N75?? LOL!!!

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Actually I prefer my N1

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And, in STEVE JOBS' back pocket...he has the DROID INCREDIBLE>>>>>>HARDYHARDYHARHAR.....

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In his back pocket is a midget with his weener out...

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Sounds like you know first hand? Definatly funny though!

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A Apple insider said the N90 “codename for iPhone HD” may not be ready for launch yet. If so, Apple has an alternative “safer” iPhone with the codename N91. It will have less functions than the N90 and will probably not include the front facing camera. Its just like the iPod Touch where Apple removed the camera just before Steve announced it on the Keynote. On a side note, Apple initiated the iPhone 4G project at the end of 2008. According to our sources, Apple actually has another product codenamed N91 for the project, which offers less change from previous iPhones compared with the N90. It’s a parallel product to back up the N90 in case there are major delays due to significant modifications in casing, display resolution, digital camera support and so forth.

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maybe one is for att and one is for another sprint is actually going to get it??? wtf


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All you Apple and AT&T fanboys are a bunch of tools!

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It's always grand having one fanboy call another fanboy 3rd grade names. Keep up the intelligent insight sport

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