Intel responds to Microsoft's sucker punch, to power convertible Lenovo Yoga with Android next month

Intel responds to Microsoft's sucker punch, to power convertible Lenovo Yoga with Android next month
Microsoft suckerpunched Intel with the decision to out a Windows version for ARM chipsets, and make Win 8 apps compatible with both ARM and x86 architecture going forward, but Chipzilla is striking back opening its silicon to some Android love in its turn.

Intel is reportedly planning to power convertible tablet notebooks, running Android, and, just as we heard before, we might see the first one as soon as next month, the sources confirmed. This will be a variation of the innovative Lenovo Yoga design, but running Android, and sporting Intel inside.

The Yoga screen half flips 360 degrees to touch the keyboard half and form a tablet, or can be used as a regular notebook with a physical keyboard. Other manufacturers have allegedly also responded to Intel's answer towards the Android tablet proliferation, and are prepping convertible notebooks with Google's mobile OS, and these include industry stalwarts like Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Acer and Asus. Check out the pics from our IdeaPad Yoga 11 hands-on below, now imagine this thing with Android, and hopefully cheaper.

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1. amozhi

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8. nobelset

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9. akki20892

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intel is great with windows.....!!!

2. xperiaDROID

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3. mishpillado

Posts: 6; Member since: Apr 01, 2013

Asus has the Transformer AIO, is a great concept, is a All in one PC (Windows 8), that turns into a Tablet that can run Windows 8 and Android at the same time, it’s a great idea

4. pokharkarsaga

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I am waiting for the day when open source os shuts down the closed source os.

5. tashreef

Posts: 476; Member since: Nov 24, 2012

Not a good Idea...!!!

6. haseebzahid

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what this is foolish unless we can run full X86 softwares on it android should not go in laptop or ultrabooks it will just be BS nothing more something that hardly runs Dx11 stuff and no developer suits

7. Doakie

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I've given up Windows fully in my daily life. Android has replaced Windows for pretty much everything. But the one place that I need to keep a Windows machine around for is printing and scanning. In fact I just bought a touch screen Windows 8 laptop that I hate using. If Google would work with HP and other printer manufacturers to hammer down printer and scanning drivers I'll leave Windows fully.

10. sinple

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it may not be the best, but there are app that work with printer for android. Plug the printer usb into the otg port of the android device, then print using printershare. But can only print colours though

11. Taters

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I like Android and all but I don't think their is a market for an Android laptop.

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