Infographic reveals a number of interesting cellphone stats

Infographic reveals a number of interesting cellphone stats
So where does your mobile phone go at night to recharge the batteries while you're in bed recharging your mind and body? The answer to that and a number of other interesting questions can be found in a new infographic that was just sent to us by the author. It is a fascinating look at cellphone usage. For example, 32% admit to using their phone while driving, 36% use their handset while dining out, and 61% are fiddling with their device while watching television.

Some of the stats will make you cringe. Believe it or not, three out of four U.S.cellphone owners bring their phones with them to the bathroom. And did you know that the constant sending of text messages and emails can cause inflammation and pain in your joints? Even those with back problems and chronic pain will find that holding the phone between their neck and shoulder while multitasking, can lead to additional agony.

As for the answer to our original question, 68% sleep with their phone right next to the bed. 16% keep the device in the bedroom at night. Oddly, 1% of those responding to the survey say that they keep their phone in the car overnight. If you put your phone there during the night, you won't hear the alarm you set on the phone, you'll miss overnight and early morning calls, fail to recharge the battery on your mobile phone, and leave it wide open to be stolen by a thief.

You can check out the infographic by taking a look at the slideshow below.

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source: BlogMost

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