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Huawei has a "working" foldable phone, could release it next year

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Huawei, which recently announced the interesting Mate 10 smartphone series, has exciting plans for the next few years. According to Cnet, the company is working on a foldable phone that could be released as early as 2018 - perhaps at about the same time with Samsung's long-rumored Galaxy X foldable phone.


Huawei CEO Richard Yu confirmed to Cnet that the company actually has a "working sample" of its upcoming foldable handset. However, the device needs improvements related to mechanical design, plus "better, more flexible screen technology" in order to become a product that's ready to hit the market.


ZTE (one of Huawei's domestic and international rivals) already unveiled a foldable smartphone - the Axon M, which will be released via AT&T in the coming months. The problem with the ZTE Axon M is that, when its two displays are joined to form a single, large 6.75-inch screen, there's a significant gap in the middle. Samsung's upcoming phone shouldn't have a gap at all (as it's expected to sport a single foldable display), and Huawei hopes its own handset won't have that, either.


According to Richard Yu, in its current form, the foldable Huawei handset packs two screens with a "small gap" between them. "That's not good", says Yu, "and we should get rid of that gap."


For now, there are no other details about Huawei's first foldable phone. But, if the company manages to solve all current issues, the device could very well be at the forefront of smartphone innovation in the immediate future. Or maybe not? We'll just have to wait and see.

P.S.: Pictured above is the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

source: Cnet 


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