Huawei bravely raises 2011 sales goal; to ship 20 million smartphones by the year’s end

Huawei bravely raises 2011 sales goal; to ship 20 million smartphones by the year’s end
Chinese manufacturer Huawei is not among the strongest players on the smartphone market and its low- to mid-range handsets have not really drawn much attention so far. That is why we were a bit surprised to hear that Victor Xu, the company’s chief strategy and marketing officer, has made an optimistic correction to his 2011 smartphone sales target, which now stands at 20 million units shipped globally by the year’s end.

That is about 5 to 8 million Huawei smartphones more than what was expected to roll out of the company’s assembly lines initially and over six times as much it managed to sell in 2010. Could Huawei be planning to expand its market presence and flood the U.S. with affordable Android and Windows Phone handsets of all shapes and sizes? Well, the main reason for the manufacturer’s positive expectations is that its devices are already selling better than anticipated in its homeland, but we wouldn’t mind if more smartphones like the Huawei M886 Glory make it across the Pacific.

Nevertheless, Huawei will be facing some pretty strong competition if it is to start marketing its smartphones more aggressively in the U.S. Let’s hope that they will do a better job advertising them this time.

source: Reuters via IntoMobile



1. Droidwarrior unregistered

Huawei a made from china s**t phone !!!

2. TechnoBlood unregistered

Not any more. They have improved their quality. iPhones are made in China, FYI. Their selling price is the deciding factor, with devices getting obsoleting so fast that it's pointless to spend a lot on them. Rather spend wisely and then change every 6-9 mths to keep abreast of technology. Rite now, the top two most highly expected tablets are the Asus MeMoPad with is meMIC and stylus, and the HuaWei MediaPad (HoneyComb 3.2); both 7" tablets. It's timing really to see who gets here on our shores first and price rightly.

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