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Huawei teases the P40 Pro in a video, pretends we haven't seen it already

Huawei teases the P40 Pro in a video but we’ve already seen everything
While some of the leaks we see of upcoming smartphones are probably facilitated by the manufacturers themselves to hype up the new device, that’s not true for all of them. And we can’t help but feel bad for marketing departments that have to do their job as if leaks don’t exist.

A fresh example of why that is comes from Huawei. The company released a 15-second teaser video of its new P40 Pro on the Chinese social media Weibo. As you might expect from a teaser, the video isn’t showing us much. We get a few glimpses of the phone’s curved corners and edges and a side view of the camera bump.

As with the iPhone 11 generation camera modules, the Huawei P40 will have a double-tier camera bump with a small offset between the two levels.

To remind us that this is the camera-centric flagship of the company, Huawei has added at the end #VisionaryPhotography. That’s pretty much the only thing we don’t know about the P40 Pro yet, how good its photos will be.

The phone has been thoroughly leaked, including all the colors it will come in. The P40 Pro will come with the Kirin 990 chip with 5G connectivity, more RAM than you’ll ever need and a 120Hz 1440p OLED display. Samsung is currently working on a way to give Galaxy S20 users 120Hz at Quad HD resolution, but it seems Huawei’s latest flagship will be able to do that out of the box.

Besides the impressive rear camera assembly, hints point that the P40 Pro will have a triple hole-punch front camera. That will likely include wide and ultra-wide cameras and a depth sensor for better bokeh on your selfies.

The phone will be officially announced on March 26 but as with Huawei’s previous flagship, our excitement is limited because there will be no Play Store on this one as well.

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