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How to edit videos with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 video editor

How to edit videos with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 video editor
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is now on sale, and there's a long list of reasons why you might want one: the beautiful display, the powerful cameras, the useful S Pen, and the pack of productivity features it ships with. One such feature is the enhanced video editor found in the gallery. With its help, you can easily trim videos, add text to videos, combine several video clips together, and more – easily and without the need to install additional apps. Here's how you do that.

How to edit videos on the Galaxy Note 10

Of course, to edit video on the Galaxy Note 10, you need to have those video files stored locally on the phone. These can be videos you've captured yourself with the Galaxy Note 10, but it could also be video you've downloaded from the internet. Chances are that not all video formats are supported, but we can confirm that the Galaxy Note 10 video editor works with MP4 videos sent over Facebook and WEBM videos downloaded from the web. Static JPGs and photos that you've taken can be also added to the timeline. GIF animations appear to be incompatible at this time, sadly.

To start editing video on the Note 10, open the Gallery and find the video file you want to edit. Tap on it and then tap on the pencil icon on the bottom left. Here's what your screen should look like at this point.

If you plan or combining multiple files into one video, you can press the little film icon in the upper right corner in the gallery. Then select the video and/or images you want to put together and tap on "Create Movie" at the bottom. 

Notice the small square dividing each video/image file in your timeline. Tap it if you want to add a transition between these two particular frames.

To rearrange the video/image files in your timeline, you hold a file and drag it left or right. To edit a specific file, you tap on it and press the pencil icon that appears. 

Pro Tip: The Samsung Video Editor also supports landscape mode. Turn the phone sideways to see more of your timeline while editing.

Trimming and cropping videos on the Galaxy Note 10

Removing unnecessary parts from a video can be easily done in the Galaxy Note 10 video editor. First, be sure to have the Trim tool selected in the toolbar at the bottom. Then use the "handles" at the start and at the end of the clip to remove the footage you don't need. 

There is no easy way to remove a portion in the middle of a video clip. A workaround to this limitation is to import the same video clip twice to your project and trim each instance individually.

Pro Tip: use the S Pen to trim your videos with greater precision. 

Adding filters to videos: retro, vignette, and more

The second tool in the Note 10 video editor toolbar adds filters to your videos: Retro, Vignette, Vintage, Tint, Dawn, Sepia, Grayscale, and Cartoon. There's not a whole lot to say about them. You can use a filter if you want to achieve a certain dramatic effect in a portion of your clip. Note that if you have multiple files in your video timeline, filters are applied to each of them individually. 

Editing faces in videos

If a face is detected in your video clip, you'll get an icon in the toolbar for a tool that lets you adjust the appearance of faces. Think of this as a beautifying filter of sorts – you can make eyes bigger, faces slimmer, and the skin tone warmer. The tool works even if you have multiple faces in the frame, as long as they're close enough to the camera to be recognized.

Adding text to a video on the Galaxy Note 10

The next tool in the toolbox lets you add text over the video. You have 4 font styles to work with. You can pick any color for the text – or have it appear as white or black text against a colored background. There's a limit of one caption per clip. Tapping outside the text box lets you move, rotate, and resize the caption.

Stickers, stickers, stickers!

Because who doesn't like them? The Galaxy Note 10 offers a range of stickers you can add to your videos, but the selection isn't particularly exciting. The sticker images are static – the aren't animated and can't follow a face or an object in the frame, for example. You're also limited to one sticker per clip.

Drawing over a video on the Note 10

The next tool is called Doodle and it works wonderfully with the S Pen. You can draw or write over the video – to add hand-written text, to encircle or point at objects, or to draw a mustache over someone's face, for example. Activating the Live option for this tool will draw each S Pen stroke one by one which looks cooler than having a static doodle over the video. 

Speeding up or slowing down video

This next button in the toolbar can slow down a video to half speed or make it go twice as fast. Simple as that. This will make the sound in the video appear somewhat funky.

Adding background music to video

The final tool in the toolbar lets you add a background music track to your video. There are over 100 audio tracks pre-loaded on the Galaxy Note 10, and you can also import your own music files. You also have the option to turn the volume down on the video's original sound. 

Saving videos

When you're happy with your edited video, hit the Save button at the top right corner. This will create a new video file.

Keep in mind that you cannot save your edits as a project and then come back to edit them further at a later time. When you exit the video editor, your edits will be discarded. If you need a more powerful video editor, you can check out Adobe Rush, which is optimized to work well on the Note 10 and with the S Pen. 
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