How to shoot 8K video on Galaxy S21

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How to record 8K video on your Samsung Galaxy S21
Things are moving so fast in the technology industry - yesterday, it was the 4K resolution revolution (alliteration not intended) and today we’re already talking about 8K. What’s even more amazing is that your new smartphone can actually record video in this ultra-high resolution, at least the new Galaxy S21 lineup can.

Samsung has added this option to all three devices - the Galaxy S21, S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Here’s a simple step-by-step 8K video recording guide for lucky Galaxy S21 owners.

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How to record 8K video on Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Step 1. To start taking a video, open the Camera app.

Step 2. On an S21 series phone, tap VIDEO, to enter video mode in the Camera app.

Step 3. Tap the Resolution icon in the upper right corner to set the resolution to 8K (24 frames per second).

Step 4. When you're ready, tap Record to begin filming.

Step 5. When you’re finished recording, open the Gallery app and find your video.

It’s as simple as that. You can Edit your 8K video afterward in the Gallery, take high-resolution pictures of the video, adjust the sound level, add background music, or convert the video to a different resolution, if necessary (to save some space).

Keep in mind that 8K videos tend to use a lot of space and this year the Galaxy S21 lineup doesn’t have a microSD slot, so everything is stored on the phone’s onboard memory. You’ll also need an 8K TV or monitor in order to enjoy these ultra-high-resolution videos in their full glory.

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