How to see detailed performance and frame rate data for any Android game (no root required)

How to see detailed frame rate data for any Android game (no root required)
Frame rate is a term that gamers should be well familiar with. For those who aren't, a bite-sized explanation follows. In the context of gaming, the frame rate indicates how many frames per second are being drawn on the screen while a game is running. The higher the number, the smoother the video looks, with 60 fps considered an ideal figure. No less importantly, the framerate is a good indicator of a device's graphics performance. It is what most graphics benchmark test scores are based on.

Benchmarks, however, are one thing, and real-life performance is another story. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to measure the frame rate of Android games. This should allow you to see if your device is powerful enough to hit the 60 fps mark in your favorite games.

Do keep in mind that this guide might not be suitable for beginners. You will need a bit of patience to pull this one off. You will also need a USB cable and a computer to which to connect your Android phone or tablet. With this made clear, let's get started!

UPDATE: Oops! We were wrong about GameBench not supporting real-time FPS display. The FPS Overlay option is available in the Settings menu.

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