How to make your Android Wear gear look like it's on Apple Watch OS with WearFaces


If you are at least a little bit intrigued by Apple's new Watch OS, with all of its circular happenings on the home screen of the Apple Watch, but don't want to wait until early next year, when the wearable will be released, fret not, as there is a way to get that unique look on your smartwatch right now. It was a matter of time before enterprising developers offered the new Watch OS interface for Android Wear gear like the LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear 2 or the Moto 360 via watch faces. The developers even did some funny stuff with the app, naming it PEAR watchface, as an analogy with a certain other fruit-titled company.  Here's how to get the goods:

1. Download the PEAR Round (always colorful for Moto 360) app directly, if you have that certain round smartwatch, or the PEAR Square (always colorful) one for the square types. There are also versions of these apps with Ambient Mode, meant to save on battery life by dimming the display, called PEAR Round (with dimmed state)  and PEAR Square (with dimmed state), respectively;

2. Download and install the WearFaces - Watchface Creator app from the Play Store on your phone;

3. Import the downloaded .zip file with your PEAR watchface of choice to the WearFaces app on your phone, and install it to your smartwatch from there. Here's a video tutorial of how to do this last step, for those who are braving the Android Wear universe for the first time:

Video Thumbnail

source: WearFaces (Albrecht Noll)

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