How to find out how many times a day you check your smartphone (Android, iOS)

How to find out how many times a day you check your smartphone (Android, iOS)
If you think you may be addicted to your smartphone, you can now actually find out if you’re checking your beloved device too many times a day. More exactly, you can do that if you have an iPhone, or an Android handset (sorry, Windows Phone users).

While most of us know that we’re checking our smartphone(s) quite a lot, we can’t tell exactly how many times we’re doing it. Well, there are apps that can help us with that.

The first app that we’re presenting is called Checky, and is available as a free download on Android and iOS. It’s a simple app that basically keeps track of each time you’re checking your handset, allowing you to share your daily numbers with friends. Checky for iOS has an extra feature (which can’t be found on Android yet), providing a map that shows you where you checked your iPhone throughout the day.

Another app, called Moment (and released earlier this year), lets you know how many times you’re picking up your device, as well as how much time (in minutes) you’re using it. Moreover, you can set "daily limits" with reminders for each time you’re using your device more than you’d want to. Unfortunately, Moment is currently available only on iOS (for $4.99 - although initially it was free), with an Android version apparently coming soon.

The bottom line: to see how many times a day you're checking your smartphone, download Checky and / or Moment at the source links below, and let them do their magic. 

Do you think these kinds of apps can help you in any way? Let us know in the comments!

sources: Checky (Android, iOS), Moment (iOS)

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