How-to: Make sure you keep receiving iMessage texts on your new phone

How-to: Make sure you keep receiving iMessage texts on your new phone
Did you hear? Apple is getting sued because iPhone users who switched to another device no longer receive text messages from their iOS-based friends and relatives. A dodgy situation indeed, and not only for Apple - after all, it's the users themselves that are missing out on important communications. 

Thankfully, you don't have to wait for Cupertino to sort out their legal and technological troubles to get your messaging back on track, and there are things you can try to solve the problem. The first one has been reported to work right off the bat, bringing over "lost" iMessage texts from your Apple-friends and onto your non-iOS device within 12 hours or so.

We'll explore the different things you can do ensure your phone number is completely free of Apple's, shall we say, "influence" on what it can and cannot do. The first scenario is in the case you have already switched to another device, while the second scenario is more elaborate and is targeted towards those of you that are planning to switch.

1. Unregister & STOP

The first step will be to unregister your iPhone from your Apple ID account. Go to and log-in with your Apple ID. Unregister your iPhone from Apple's system, which will "free" your number of iMessage, Apple ID, and the App Store. Additionally, you will have to reset your Apple ID password and log out from all services.

Done already? The next step is to send a message to 48369 with the word STOP. This should disconnect your number from Apple's iMessage servers for good, and render you able to receive texts from iPhone owners.

2. The "switch" boot-camp for ex-iPhone owners

You still have your iPhone, but want to switch to another device. The first thing to do is to switch off iMessage from the Messages menu in Settings. When you do so, your message bubbles should look green, instead of blue.

iMessage, however, works in the entirety of Apple services, including iCloud, Game Center, iTunes, and the like. If you are using iCloud, it might be a good idea to sign in and remove your number from the Account Details page.

The after-switching period may or may not involve pestering your iPhone-using friends to do the following:

  • Deleting and re-adding your phone number as a non-iMessage contact after you switch. This is something Apple recommends for everyone looking to switch.
  • Hitting the information icon next to a message they suspect didn't come through to your phone, and re-sending it as a text message.

Additionally, it is said that the iMessage problem often "solves itself" in 45 days, after Apple's servers get full of the unreceived messages sent to your number and basically get the hint that you are out of the system.

Hopefully, this round-up will help solve the messaging woes of iPhone converts.

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