How old is your current phone? - Christmas edition

How old is your current phone?
Ah, how we love to upgrade our phones often... or at least have the chance to check out and read about new tech. We are pretty sure you do, too. But there is a world beyond our expensive hobbies and it often does not allow us to have the latest and greatest in toys. This is especially true since all major manufacturers boosted their phone prices in 2018, carelessly hitting the $1k mark. We guess... we should start buying future-proof products and holding on to the for longer.

Some people are used to adhere to a 2-year cycle, which is usually a happy middle-of-the-road deal — you pay the handset in 24 equal payments, which doesn't hurt too much, and you get to exchange it when it is sort of old-ish (things get old fast in the smartphone world). Others will often find it hard to last even 6 months with their top-tier device and start looking for that new buzz.

We thought we'd ask — how old is your current device?

How old is your current phone (model generation)

0 - 12 months old
12 - 24 months old
24 - 36 months old
Older than rotary phones

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