Henry Tirri officially takes over as CTO of Nokia

Henry Tirri officially takes over as CTO of Nokia
The position of chief technology officer at Nokia has been a particularly weak spot for the company - former CTO Richard Green left in a scandalously quiet manner by just taking a leave of absence for personal resons to never return. Nokia didn’t comment on this for a while, but meanwhile Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat dug up that disagreements between Green and current CEO Stephen Elop were the reason for Green’s resignation. Of course, that was never officially confirmed, so we'd take it with a pinch of salt.

Green had only been at Nokia for a year, while prior to that he worked at Sun and was often seen as the public face for Java. The Microsoft deal however left the engineer with much less to do - a huge chunk of Nokia’s software potential was abandoned as partnering with Microsoft meant bypassing Nokia’s software team.

Meanwhile, for a couple of months, Henry Tirri served as chief technical officer and now it’s finally official - Tirri has landed the vacant position. Tirri joined Nokia in 2004 and previously headed its research center. Known as an academic with more than 160 published papers, he definitely brings creativity to the position.

Quite interestingly, he won’t be based in Helsinki, Finland, but will run the company’s technical operations from Sunnyvale, CA. While Nokia has its roots in Finland, appointing Elop and everything that followed moved the company more and more towards the States with the Finnish connection growing weaker. 

Recently, Nokia disappeared from the European top 50 companies blue chip index Stoxx after losing over 40% of its value within a year. At Espoo, it seems that all hopes lie on the upcoming Windows Phone Mango, but will it become the needed savior? Have your say in the comments below.

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1. lubba

Posts: 1313; Member since: Jan 17, 2011

Many are upset Nokia abandoned symbian, meego, and sided with MS. I will have to disagree with most and many. One, symbian could not compete with the new players in the cell industry. Two, meego just took too long. Three, taking on android would be competing with the many company using the OS and their would be no way to differentiate. Starting fresh with MS will give them time to grow. There alot of potential with wp8, windows 8, xbox all in one ecosystem.

5. dionddc

Posts: 129; Member since: Jul 19, 2011

Nokia was with Intel, they could've pushed MeeGo together and competed for third place. Windows Phone currently has a stronger ecosystem, but MeeGo has a lot more potential as a mobile OS. Harmattan definitely brought more wow factor than Windows Phone. It's also easy to say that the N9 (Nokia's first MeeGo device) will sell more than Nokia's first Windows Phone device. Microsoft didn't want Nokia to have Nokia Windows Phone devices, they wanted Nokia so that Symbian, and more importantly, MeeGo, could be significantly less likely to achieve success. Microsoft simply wanted less competition. What makes everyone think that people will buy Nokia Windows Phones? It's about brand name. People look at Nokia and automatically think that it's attached to a weak ecosystem. People will choose Android and iOS over Windows Phone, the market has already begun to establish itself. Look at the N8, it sold 4 million units within 2 months - that's a pretty good figure. The same thing, or similar situation, will happen with the N9, but not with Nokia's Windows Phone devices. For Windows Phone, people will look to HTC and Samsung. Nokia was better off with MeeGo.

9. b4b4.4l1 unregistered

I'm totally agree with you, dionddc. Perhaps we can say that Symbian is about to die, but not MeeGo. It supposed to have more change to show off, but Nokia killed it even before its launch date. I really have no idea what came across Nokia executives' mind about this. Or perhaps it's indeed true that Elop is killing Nokia from the inside. I have a great doubt of Nokia-Windows Phone 7, especially when it doesn't bring any revolutionary changes to Windows Phone 7. I hope that MeeGo is taken(bought) by other phone manufactures to prove that Nokia has made its greatest mistake by abandoning MeeGo.

2. uche_dashing

Posts: 11; Member since: Sep 20, 2011

I totally agree with you.

3. Neila unregistered

Right now, nokia is in transitional stage. We cannot blame anybody in this competitions, Nokia has to compete with iOS/Android and to find the right path. Window OS for Nokia has lots of potential may be not in the near future , but Once Window OS reach/upgrade to Window 8+ stage. Then we all will see that Nokia win public hearts again. (This is only self prediction .......).

4. hunted

Posts: 403; Member since: Sep 21, 2011

That is right, I agree with y'all

6. jack1059 unregistered

Seems more evidence of nokias demise as an inependant phone maker to me. Quick, everyone rush off to (insert name of wherever you think its happening) so we can get the vibe. As soon as that sounds like a good idea, you're doomed.

7. RJ unregistered

For Nokia to be number 1 again, you should make an Android OS phones with an autofocus camera and that's it! You are being left behind because of your Symbian OS and most of your camera lens are "fixed focus". Please change your OS status from Symbian to Android and please make your camera lenses autofocus.

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