Happy 7th birthday, Android! Check out some glorious milestones of the mobile OS in this succinct infographic


Despite the controversies, many celebrate Android's birthday on November 5, as on this date in 2007 a working beta version of the operating system got released. Although the birthday certificate of this exact pioneering build of the OS does not make it clear if its pre-confectionery name was "Astro Boy", "Bender", or even... "R2-D2", we can assume that it was then when the green robot saw the light of day for the very first time. Well, the first Android device - the HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1) - actually appeared a solid 10 months later, but nonetheless, a birthday is a birthday!
Well, Android turns 7 today, and from the very first version of Android all the way to the newest confectionery Lollipop build that is about to roll out, the most popular mobile OS has surely gone a long way. Powering 85 of every 100 phones that were sold during the last quarter, Google's dominating Android seems unreachable at the top of the smartphone market food chain.

Naturally, we wish all the best to Android and its numerous users across the globe!

You can also check out the fancy infographic right below, which summarizes Android's history, along with some of the milestones that it has in its book. Check it out and feel free to share your opinion about the evolution of the most wide-spread mobile OS. You're also welcome to share any birthday wishes in the comments section beneath the gallery as well.

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