Handsets with flexible OLED displays to enter pockets next year, says Samsung

Handsets with flexible OLED displays to enter pockets in 2012, says Samsung
Nokia's Kinetic Labs bendable concept might be three years away from being commercialized, as the researchers said, but Samsung's flexible OLED displays are about to hit mainstream in devices much sooner.

During its quarterly earnings Q&A with analysts, Samsung's spokesperson Robert Yi shed some more light on when are we to see products with the bendy OLEDs that Samsung has demonstrated numerous times and that were said to hit the conveyor belts in 2012. He confirmed that timeframe for the launch of mass production, and even said products are coming hopefully "in the earlier part of 2012". 

Does it mean that after what is shaping to be a monster Samsung Galaxy S III we will be waiting on another eye-popping handset from the Koreans? Likely, since Robert Yi hinted that the "application probably will start from the handset side". Sounds yummy, especially if that "application" has something to do with the bendable OLED without crease in the middle that was demonstrated by Samsung's R&D this year. 

Are we about to see phones that open up to become small tablets, or will Samsung just bring some boutique design, curvy and twisted, for bragging rights? The leaks will guide you, my son, said the Jedi, and took off.

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