HTC's monster 1080p mystery device gets Bluetooth certified

HTC's 1080p mystery device gets Bluetooth certified
We were all a bit shook up back in July when we found a GLBenchmark for an HTC device with a quad-core Snapdragon CPU. Naturally the device crushed everything else on benchmark database, but the surprises didn't stop there, as the System Information entry listed the device as a 5" Full HD (1080p) phablet headed to Verizon. The device teased us with some blurrycam shots earlier this week, were it was all decked out in Verizon's red accents. Now we can add Bluetooth certification to the list of boxes the device has checked ahead of a presumed fall announcement. Below is a screen cap from the official Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s website, which lists all such certifications:

As you can see, device HTC6435LVW just got approved yesterday, a couple of weeks after being submitted for approval in mid-August. For those of you who just saw a random string of numbers and letters, we can break it down for you by inserting two spaces into HTC6435LVW:

HTC 6435L VW

In other words, it’s HTC model 6435L for Verizon Wireless; of course that's also the same designation we saw in GLBenchmark database back in the summer. Will the 5" phablet rear its head at HTC’s press event later this month, or will it have to wait for a joint Verizon announcement at a later date? Obviously we won’t know for a little while yet, but we’ll be sure to bring you the latest on HTC’s Full HD device as it becomes available.

source: Bluetooth SIG via Droid-Life
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