HTC rumoured to unveil the M10 under a new name at an April 11 event in London


With the annual MWC expo in Barcelona steadily approaching, it seems like the majority of the smartphone industry is in the mood to show off its latest and greatest products. Not HTC, though. The company has kept to itself since launching the A9 to an uplifting response, making a point of concentrating on VR and wearable device efforts in the long run, and announcing the usual quarterly losses. But we are aware that HTC has a hero phone in the works for 2016, the M10 (codenamed "Perfume"). Save for the leaked specs, photos, and renders which HTC holds no responsibility over, it has been silent about it. And by the looks of it, HTC is going to skip the party at MWC to introduce its hero phone at a later date.

The freshest hearsay on the matter claims that HTC will unveil the M10 at an April 11 event in London. We also heard that the M10 tag won't stay for the commercial launch, rather HTC will come up with a new "One" name. This would be appropriate, given that Perfume is supposed to be a re-boot of the company's flagship One series. HTC has faced criticism for not differentiating the M8 and M9 enough, which contributed to disappointing sales for the latter, and must have driven the design change decisions behind the A9 and M10.

Unfortunately, there's no substantial evidence to back these rumours, but they do sound plausible in context. Previous rumours (originating from China) asserted that HTC wanted to present the M10 at MWC, but had to re-schedule the announcement for March and the release date for April, due to setbacks in crafting its design. And we do know that the M10 can't stay in the oven forever, given that the big-time competition from Samsung and LG is hitting MWC full force this year. So the flagship will be launching sooner, rather than later – given everything we know, it has to be between March and April.

If you feel like you're missing some intel on the M10, you can get yourself up to date with the publications below.

HTC M10 news loop

source: 4gnews (Translated from Spanish) via Android Headlines

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