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  • HTC releases financial report for Q4 2014: things are getting better, revenue increases

HTC releases financial report for Q4 2014: things are getting better, revenue increases

Posted: , by Peter K.

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HTC releases financial report for Q4 2014: things are getting better, revenue increases
Last time we heard something about HTC's financial status straight from the horse's mouth, the Taiwan-based manufacturer had scored an unexpected small profit

Well, it looks like HTC has retained the momentum and has kept the trend during the last fiscal quarter of 2014, as it has accounted for another certainly welcome increase in its earnings.

HTC reported a 12% increase in the revenue in comparison with the same period year-over-year. The manufacturer behind the HTC One (M8) has brought home a total revenue of NT$47.9 billion (roughly $1.524 billion) for Q4 of the last year. As a comparison, HTC earned $1.37 billion ($224 million less) back in Q3 2014.

“HTC finished the year with a third consecutive quarter of profitability, and is well-positioned to build on that solid platform in the year ahead by ensuring our portfolio is highly targeted and our message clearly communicated. Key to our improved sales performance was our ability to offer tailored product mixes at suitable price points within the regions, which enabled us to closely address the needs of specific markets.” - Peter Chou, HTC CEO.

However, we don't know how many smartphones HTC has sold during this quarter, but sound logic suggests that the sales have gone up as well. After all, the company released a number of new devices during the quarter - the HTC Desire EYE and the Desire 820 being the more notable ones among them. 

The latest financial report by HTC is nothing else but a good sign for the phone maker, which was quite troubled roughly a year ago - back then, it had several consecutive quarters with plummeting sales and revenue, but luckily, it's back on its feet now. Provided that all rumors that we hear through the grapevine are true, the upcoming One (M9) flagship will probably greatly aid HTC in its financial ordeals.

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posted on 06 Feb 2015, 05:11 13

1. Finalflash (Posts: 3527; Member since: 23 Jul 2013)

So Samsung goes down while everyone else goes up, this is great. At least it shows live competition taking place in the Android OEM space. This will only lead to better products and support beyond all other ecosystems.

posted on 06 Feb 2015, 05:49 3

5. tiara6918 (Posts: 2111; Member since: 26 Apr 2012)

Samsung is the only major oem that has reported decline,lg,htc,sony and apple have all increased sales

posted on 06 Feb 2015, 07:07 1

7. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Sammy reported decline in profits.

posted on 06 Feb 2015, 09:27 1

9. b1acktiger (Posts: 223; Member since: 19 May 2012)

Exception for Sony. They have reported their loss after years.


posted on 12 Feb 2015, 16:51

10. jroc74 (Posts: 6019; Member since: 30 Dec 2010)

Exactly. Every time I see an article like this I throw out "but but but only Samsung is making money with Android".

posted on 06 Feb 2015, 05:20 2

2. amats69 (Posts: 1523; Member since: 12 Nov 2012)


posted on 06 Feb 2015, 05:44 3

3. sintruder (Posts: 127; Member since: 30 Aug 2012)

HTC devices are getting popular where I live, just a year or two ago I couldn't see any HTC phones but recently I have seen many people using HTC phones.

posted on 06 Feb 2015, 05:48 5

4. tiara6918 (Posts: 2111; Member since: 26 Apr 2012)

This is a good sign for htc, things will get better this 2015

posted on 06 Feb 2015, 05:56 3

6. karamelakimo (Posts: 109; Member since: 26 May 2014)

Do better in Htc one m9 and you will continue with that success

posted on 06 Feb 2015, 07:55 1

8. newbey123 (Posts: 636; Member since: 19 Mar 2012)

Awesome job HTC. Now, just improve the camera and processor chip in the M9 and you will continue the upward trend!

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