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HTC is developing the Dragon and keeps working on the Thoth and Omni?

HTC is developing the Dragon and keeps working on the Thoth and Omni?
A today´s rumour has it the HTC is working on a cell phone, called the Dragon (also known as the Zoom 2) that will be running Android version 2.0 (codename Eclair) and the manufacturer´s proprietary Sense interface. The information comes from DroidDog and also says this is going to be a cell phone of "paramount importance". Unfortunately, no pictures of the Dragon have been leaked to date. It´s mentioned, however, that the HTC Dragon (Zoom 2) is currently at an early stage of development, will be definitely different from the HTC HD2 (Leo), Desire and Passion and come with native resolution of 480x800 pixels. The only available images are 10 screenshots showing the phone is running Android OS version 1.5 at this time.

The other piece of information relates to the HTC Thoth and Omni that have been revealed by wmpoweruser based on XML documents coming from a website called Cloud9-Mobile.

Allegedly, the Thoth will be successor to the HTC X7510 Advantage, but there are still no real pictures of the device. The XML document tells us the Thoth is coming in two varieties – the THOT100 and THOT110 and indicates the supported GSM frequency range, namely GSM 1800, GSM 1900, GSM 900, GSM850, so we think one of the two is coming the US market.

The second cell phone is the HTC Omni that as the document shows is codenamed the OMNI100. Information about it has been available since 2007 and the handset should be similar to the Thoth and X7510 Advantage, although this is pretty much everything that´s known of it. Still, the XML documents seem relatively new, so we do hope the devices are real and we will get to see them soon enough. The pictures showing the HTC Thoth and Omni are, however, rather old, so keep in mind the handsets may look pretty different from what you can see. In case any of you has recent images of the phones or any information about them, please share them with us at

source: DroidDog, Cloud9-Mobile via wmpoweruser

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