Is this HTC’s lineup for 2009?

Is this HTC’s lineup for 2009?
A bunch of pictures is said to reveal a large part of HTC’s smart phones that will be announced and probably released during the year. The pictures originally appeared in a Chinese forum for smart phone enthusiasts with information that there will be models for most major carriers worldwide. We are not sure if these are genuine, but even if they are, keep in mind that they may be changed until they get officially announced.

The Iolite was revealed last week by Expansys, but here we also have pictures of its CDMA/GSM version Twin and even its successor, the Magnet. Beryl will be a low cost phone, probably a replacement of the Touch Viva.

Topaz (three versions) and Cetrine maybe the successor of the Touch Diamond, with the same faceted back insome variants and rather slim profile. The D-pad however is gone,allowing for a (larger) wide screen to be available. Unfortunately, thecamera still lacks flash, so it won’t be as good as the OMNIA’s onceagain. There is a version for AT&T, but we guess that there willalso be European GSM and CDMA models.

Rhodium (two versions) and Tungsten (two versions) family are rumored to be the QWERTY variants of the Touch HD, with huge touch sensitive displays. Strangely, none of them seems to pack a 3.5mm jack. There are versions listed for Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, but strangely, none for AT&T.

The ex-largest U.S. carrier will get the Barium to replace the Fuze, and the Jasper C will take the place of Sprint’s Touch Pro.

Firestone looks as a slimmer Topaz with 3.5mm jack – maybe this will be HTC’s multimedia friendly smart phone. The Whitestone is a large tablet-like device with a built-in stand, which will be handy for watching video/TV or reading the net or documents. The Thoth is obviously the replacement of the X7510 Advantage.

On the Windows Mobile front, there is also a trio of candybar phones with landscape displays and full QWERTY keyboards - the Willow, Cedar, and Maple. The first one is expected with Sprint, but having in mind the Maple is a 3G version of Excalibur, we may finally see the replacement of the T-Mobile’s Dash.

Last but not least, there are a few phones expected to run on the Android OS. The Hero looks as a QWERTY-less version of the G1, the Sapphire will spread the Google operating system across the world and the Memphis looks as a Sapphire with QWERTY.

Today, Digitimes quoted a Chinese-language Commercial Times report that HTC has already received orders for eight new phones, from a number of carriers, including the major ones in the States and Vodafone. According to the article, part of the WM phones will be announced during the MWC 2009 in February, and the Android devices will come in the second half of the year. We’ll be at the MWC show, so if there is anything new, expect our hands-on report.

source: WMPoweruser and DIYPDA (Translated)

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