HTC X7510 Advantage Review

Introduction and Design

This definitely is one of the strangest phones if it can be called a phone at all, which we’ve had the chance to review. Despite the fact that it is equipped with a GSM/3G module and being a product of the leader in this class, HTC Advantage X7510 is more of a „mobile assistant”. We say mobile, and not pocket, because due to the dimensions of the device, you will at least need a small bag to carry it.

This is the second generation from the series, but the overall idea and realizations are almost the same as in the first in the line, X7500. You have a 5-inch touch sensitive display, an additional hardware QWERTY keyboard (there is a physical connection), Windows Mobile Professional OS and 16GB of storage space.

To make a call you can either the loudspeaker, the wire stereo handsfree included in the package or a Bluetooth accessory. The standard phone speaker and a microphone, which allow private conversations, are not present here, hinting that X7510’s purpose is not to be a main phone, but an additional mobile internet device.

The package includes:

  • Advantage X7510
  • Keyboard
  • Leather poach
  • Regular wire handsfree
  • Adapter with a TV/monitor output and a regular USB slot
  • miniUSB cable
  • Charger
  • Spare stylus
  • all-fitting case

The case is convenient for long trips, but it has not been designed to hold the Advantage when used daily. If you carry the main part with the keyboard, you should attach them to the leather case and put it in your bag. One side of the case, which opens like a book, houses the main module and the other the keyboard. This helps for easily attaching (via magnet) both parts together once the case is open.


Despite the fact that the body of Advantage X7510 is not much bigger than its display (4.92”), which takes up almost the entire front, it is quite bulky even for a mobile assistant. We are disappointed that there is no brightness sensor. In order to make the display usable in direct sunlight, you will have to set the contrast to the max . Although less clear than in a darker room, this will allow you, if the screen is not dirty of course, to see what’s visualized. When the sunlight is not illuminating the screen directly, the quality and resolution good enough to satisfy your needs as long as you are not looking at it from an angle. 5 inches are always 5 inches!

Here we also have three system lights, a VGA video calling camera and the Home, which brings you to the main screen. On the right side, we see the power on/off (lower part) and the camera shortcut. These buttons are somewhat hard to use, but it gets better, once the phone is in the case on a table, for example. However, even in this position the volume control slider located on the left side is not easy to use. It is small and hard to touch and we would have preferred having a two-way button. This side houses also the 2.5mm stereo jack, miniUSB and the slot for the TV out/USB in adapter. In the middle of these sides, there are openings for the speakers. The bottom houses the battery lid and the keyboard connectors. Strangely, the battery has to be pulled out in order to put the SIM in place in addition to the confusing manual, but you’ll manage.

The overall design of the Advantage is strictly professional, with a solid and quality make – exactly what we expected from such a phone. However, you should forget about controlling it singlehandedly, because this is simply impossible.

The keyboard left us with mixed feelings. It can be used as a phone if you hold it in your hands, but we strongly recommend placing it on a solid leveled surface.

Since it is flat (with no button drive) and it vibrates when “pressed”, it is perfect in that aspect. Being relatively smart, the keyboard allows for bigger and more buttons compared to other phones. Nevertheless, it is not wide enough so you can work with both hands and therefore, your fingers have to go longer distances, which is not better than narrower keyboards. As a whole, it is definitely very good after you get used to it, and for some it could be even perfect.

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