HTC first quarter financial results upbeat, profit triples

HTC first quarter financial results upbeat, profit triples

HTC has embraced Android and -propelled by the success of the platform and excellent brandrecognition - it posted another very strong quarter. After-taxprofits nearly tripled on the background of growing numbers ofshipped handsets.

The exact numbers show that HTC'sprofits amounted to $517 million, while the operatingmargin was as healthy as ever at 15.8%. At the same time, thecompany managed to ship 9.7 million handsets, a 192% on theyear and 6% quarterly increase. One of the key factors, averageselling price, slipped slightly to $359, but is still one ofthe highest in the industry.

But what's behind the company'ssuccess? We can't agree more with what HTC itself points out inits statement: “HTC’s strong brandrecognition and product innovation drivebetter-than-expected 1Q momentum.” While some might blame theTaiwanese for the largely identical designs, they have managed tocreate an easily-recognizable lineup of products. One that says HTCfrom the get-go with its premium and uniform solid design and HTCSense UI.

It might be true that we haven'tseen anything groundbreakingly new from the company, but littletweaks go a long way. And that's what the company has mastered withits slow, but steady updates to Sense UI for example, adding practical innovation like weatherupdates straight from the lock screen, or silencing ring tone volumewhen you pick up the handset, rather than reaching for the stars inSense 3.0.

Actually, Sense UI and the upcomingmovie rental service HTC Watch are in the core of thecompany's strategy for the future. The HTC Sensation will be thefirst promoting those features along with the next generation ofdual-core processors. But while that's all a part of the strategy forthe second quarter, the manufacturer has managed to make a nicetransition with models like the HTC Incredible S, Desire S and Wildfire S.

source: HTCvia GSM Arena



3. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

Great job, HTC. You're the little company that could.

2. green2u unregistered

Amazing growth considering they haven't been around as long as the others (Samsung, Apple). Based on the forums I've read (and the brief time I had once with an EVO 4G), it seems that they products are quality made. And the latest announcements of Sense 3.0 truly brings a sense of fun and excitment to the smartphone.

1. snowgator

Posts: 3630; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

"While some might blame the Taiwanese for the largely identical designs"..... I am not sure why people are starting to slam HTC due to the design of the handsets. Nearly all devices follow one of a few designs based on the form factor they use. The way a device looks only makes a difference to the person who buys it, then it is about the way the thing performs. The iPhone has looked the same since it's inception- but people love the way it performs and the features it has, so they keep coming back. The biggest problem with RIM devices aren't the appeal- how many former users of Blackberry Bolds moan about the loss of the great keyboard and true candy bar form? But it's operation became stale, so consumers moved on to an OS like Droid, found a phone they liked, and responded to the operation. I like HTC, but it is because of it's great performance they are turning a profit. Besides, they look okay - It is not like the things all look the same but are dawg ugly.

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