HTC confirms Android N will be coming to HTC 10, One A9, and One M9

HTC confirms Android N will be coming to HTC 10, One A9, and One M9
It always feels great knowing that your smartphone will eventually be receiving the latest operating system release. Unfortunately, users rarely have the luxury of certainty, as Android phone makers have proven to be relatively inconsistent when it comes to updates and their timing.

However, some companies have tried to overcome the difficulties surrounding the process of rolling out software updates to already deployed hardware. HTC is definitely one of these firms, having been working closely with Google recently to make sure that it gets some good influence from the Android developer. This work has delivered results like the HTC One A9 being the first smartphone to ship with Android 6, and the HTC 10 being impressively clean and streamlined when it comes to its default app catalog, which includes no redundant apps.

Now, just hours into the announcement of the latest changes and improvements to Android N, HTC has committed to release updates to its last three big phones – the HTC 10, One A9, and One M9. And while it's always good to see a company promise to release software updates, this list is obviously pretty short at the moment. Thankfully, just below the photo attached to HTC's tweet, the company says that "Timing and additional devices to receive the update will be announced later this year when Google ships Android N to manufacturers."We do hope that HTC will eventually bring the release to other popular phones that are currently in circulation, like the One M8, or the newer Desire mid-rangers. Credit where credit is due: kudos to HTC for committing; hopefully other Android makers will follow in its footsteps soon!

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