HTC confident it will sell more smartphones in 2012

HTC confident it will sell more smartphones in 2012
HTC an emblem for Android growth success all the way until just after mid-2011 when something happened. The Taiwanese company’s shares nosedived, and it hasn’t recovered up until now. At MWC, though, HTC layed out its plans for making a comeback with a few but well thought out handsets - the HTC One series. Now, the company is confident that the One series that will hit the market in April will help it sell more smartphones in 2012 than it did in 2011.

"We are confident this year will be ... a much better year," head of HTC Europesaid, Florian Seiche, spoke about the company’s smartphone sales.

"Even with the Q1 not being the ideal fast start right out of the gate in January, which of course we would have preferred, even with that we are very confident," Seiche said for Reuters.
Currently, Apple is enjoying huge growth in sales and Samsung dominates the Android landscape, while Nokia has partnered with Microsoft over Windows Phone. HTC is obviously putting its best effort on Android, but we’ve seen it out Windows Phone smartphones previously as well, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it launches WP8 devices towards the end of the year.

Do you think HTC will be able to get out of the gutter?

source: Reuters


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