HTC admits its High Performance Mode pumped up benchmark scores for the HTC One (M8)

HTC admits its High Performance Mode pumped up benchmark scores for the HTC One (M8)
Last year, Samsung was accused of putting technology into its high-end Android phones that could determine when a benchmark test was being run, and boost the frequencies of the CPU on the device. Samsung did admit that "the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 maximizes its CPU/GPU frequencies when running features that demand substantial performance."

Now, it is HTC's turn to be accused of pumping up benchmark results. And the phone it is accused of cheating with is none other than the HTC One (M8). It seems that AnTuTu has added a new version of its popular benchmarking site called AnTuTu X, which is supposed to eliminate some of the cheating that has apparently has been going on. AnTuTu X is supposed to show a more authentic and realistic benchmark score.

When the HTC One (M8) was run through the AnTuTu 4 benchmark test, the phone scored a whopping 38,815. That topped the 34,898 scored by the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Sony Xperia Z2 scored an impressive 32,768 and the LG G Pro 2 produced a score of 30,068. 

But when the HTC One (M8) was put through the cheat-proof AnTuTu X, the results were much different. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was on top with a score of  35,357. The Sony Xperia Z2 finished second with a benchmark score of 32,508 while the LG G Pro 2 was next with a score of 29,787. The HTC One (M8)? HTC's new flagship had a score of 27,171.

Like Samsung, HTC admitted in an email response that it had designed the phone to "optimize in certain scenarios to produce the best possible performance." HTC actually has a name for this so-called feature, the High Performance Mode, which can be enabled or disabled in developer settings. The feature is not yet in HTC's U.S. models, but will soon be added via a software update.

Time eventually healed the wound created by Samsung's optimization of benchmark tests. Will HTC's actions also be forgotten after a few months?

source: ePrice (translated), CNET via GSMArena

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