Apple iPhone SE 2 rumored to feature glass back for wireless charging capabilities

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Apple iPhone SE 2 rumored to feature glass back for wireless charging capabilities
A new report published today says that the Apple iPhone SE 2, the rumored sequel to the iPhone SE, will come with some new features. The model is said to include a glass back so that it can offer optional wireless charging to users of the device. This would allow the lower priced model to join the three 2017 iPhone units, all of which have glass backs and support wireless charging.

On China's weibo messaging board, someone posted an image that claims to show several back panels belonging to the iPhone SE 2. Also in that picture, you can see a document that refers to the back panels as being made of glass. Metal backs tend to interfere with the wireless charging technology. We do need to keep in mind that Apple has not officially announced the iPhone SE 2.

One rumor has the iPhone SE 2 launching with a 4 to 4.2-inch display, powered by the same A10 Fusion SoC used on the Apple iPhone 7. That chipset features a quad-core CPU. There will be two variants with one carrying 32GB of native storage, and the other model coming with 128GB of storage. A 1700mAh battery will keep the lights on, and there will be 2GB of RAM inside. The camera combo should weigh in at 12MP and 5MP from back to front, respectively. It would seem that iOS 11.x will be pre-installed.

The Apple iPhone SE 2 could be priced in the neighborhood of $400. Previous speculation had the phone launching in the first half of this year.

These back panels are allegedly for the iPhone SE 2 and are listed as being made from glass in the document behind them

source: weibo via Tekz24


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