HTC Titan giving users a Titan-sized headache with antenna problem

HTC Titan giving users a Titan-sized headache with antenna problem
Here's a news flash. Take a smartphone considered to be the top model on its platform, and see how users are complaining that poor call quality is coming from a poorly designed antenna. Sound familiar? We, of course, are talking about the Apple iPhone 4 and antennagateHTC Titan. According to WPSauce, the metal unibody design is causing the poor sound quality that owners of the device have to put up with, and even HTC's support crew agree.

In a letter from HTC support to an HTC Titan owner named Sushovan De, the Taiwan based manufacturer says that it is aware of issues with the Titan's call quality. With this problem, the users voice sounds muffled on the other end of the connection. HTC is investigating possible resolutions, but does not have an idea when the problem will be resolved. HTC suggested that Sushovan keep on eye on the HTC web site, Facebook site or Twitter for an official announcement when one is ready to be made.

Similar to the left handed death grip problem with the Apple iPhone 4 when it was first launched, a test conducted by WPSauce revealed that when lying on a table, the phone shows 3 bars of service from AT&T. But when the device is held in the hand, the number of bars drops down to 1.

It should be noted that the HTC Titan II replaces the original's metal unibody design with one made out of a different material, possibly plastic or aluminum, covered with a soft touch-like material. And while sequel models seem to be released earlier and earlier (Motorola DROID 3, Motorola DROID 4 for example), didn't anyone wonder why the HTC Titan II was announced just 2 months after the original launched?

If you are an HTC Titan owner and have been having problems with the quality of calls on the phone, let us know by dropping a comment in the box below.

source: WPSauce via WMPoweruser

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