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HTC, Samsung and LG coordinating a September launch of WP Mango handsets to fend off the next iPhone

HTC, Samsung and LG coordinating a September launch of WP Mango handsets to fend off the next iPhone
Looks like the battle for the holiday shoppers is starting early this year - industry sources reveal that a coordinated September launch of the second Windows Phone handsets batch is expected from major manufacturers, in an effort to steal rays from the next iPhone's sunshine.

HTC, Samsung and LG are all prepped up with their new Windows Phone Mango handsets, it seems, not to mention that the newcomers Acer, ZTE and Fujitsu, which will probably take care of the Asian market. In fact, Fujitsu already announced the first Mango handset for Japan only, a video presentation of which you can see below, and said it will be on sale after September.

HTC has more modest ambitions than the waterproof Fujitsu phone with the 13.2MP camera - the rumors about its next Windows Phone handsets cite that 1.5GHz chipsets by Qualcomm will be running the show, but the screen sizes start from 3.7", to the gargantuan 4.7" HTC Eternity.

Samsung might steal the show, however, with a Windows Phone version of its excellent Samsung Galaxy S II, which, if it keeps the dual-core Exynos processor, has every chance to become the flagship WP handset. Little is heard about LG's plans on the Mango front, but the manufacturer will no doubt issue a refresh of its Windows Phone lineup together with the other buddies.

The wildcard here is the Nokia Sea Ray phone, and whatever other one the Finns manage to concoct until Nokia World in October, when Stephen Elop is expected to present the first Nokia Windows Phones.

via WMPU


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