HTC One Max and Sense 5.5 logs hint you can launch apps with your fingerprints

HTC One Max and Sense 5.5 logs hint you will launch apps with your fingertips
By now everyone and their pet iguana is aware that HTC's first phablet is to come with a touch fingerprint scanner on the back. The mystery is how exactly HTC will leverage this first for Android fingerprint sensor of new generation. 

Is it going to be used like Apple's Touch ID only to unlock the screen and authorize iTunes purchases? Will it sport additional features Well, judging from a leaked log from the One Max, the scanner can quick start different apps when touched with the tip of your digit. 

If we tie this info with the fingerprint app or manual iconography that leaked today, not only your index finger or thumb, but all digits can be assigned to it, hinting that we might be able to program each finger to launch a different app directly - from your secret video stash, to the music player, for a total of ten, if you don't count your toes or cat paws

Sounds promising, if true, but let's not get ahead of ourselves before the grand unveiling of the One Max next week. There are a few more Sense 5.5 screenshots below, too, adding to the treasure trove that leaked already.

source: Miyachiki (Weibo)
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