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HTC Legend to feature unique battery compartment

HTC Legend to feature unique battery compartment
The HTC Legend is made of aluminum and the casing is supposed to make the handset virtually indestructible. It also allows the handset to stand out from the crowd of other phones with their sturdy plastic bodies and chrome highlights. Another thing that makes the Legend a, well, legend, is a different battery compartment that houses the power cell, SIM card and microSD card. HTC wanted to design the housing so that one of the three can be removed without disturbing the other two. The bottom of the back cover is made from plastic and can be removed to reveal plastic covers protecting the SIM card and microSD card. The battery then slides out vertically above the plastic covers. It is a different and very functional way to allow for changing any one of the three items without having to deal with the other two. Kudos to HTC for coming up with such a clever idea.

HTC Legend Specifications | Hands-on

source: NewMobile via htcpedia


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