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HTC HD2 to get U.K. launch on November 6th?

HTC HD2 to get U.K. launch on November 6th?
November 6th is shaping up to be a very exciting day for cellphone fans on both sides of the Atlantic. In the States, of course, the Motorola Droid begins its' chase of the Apple iPhone as it is released by Verizon. Across the pond, at T-Mobile U.K., the highly anticipated Windows Mobile powered HTC HD2 is expected to be launched. This info comes from the guys at Phonedog who noticed that the carrier's corporate database showed that the phone would be available on 6/11/09. Now, before you protest that June has already come and gone, in Europe, dates are written with the day first and the month second. The release date is actually 11/6/09. No word on pricing.

The HTC HD2 has left traces of drool wherever it has been previewed. The Windows Mobile powered handset, with a massive 4.3 inch capacitive display, is supposed to come Stateside during the 2010 first quarter with most clues pointing to T-Mobile being the lucky U.S. carrier. There is also the HTC Passion for U.S. cellphone fans to consider. The Passion is said to be the Android version of the HD2 with Verizon launching it possibly in time to make it for this year's holiday shopping season.

HTC HD2 Preliminary Specifications
HTC Passion Preliminary Specifications

source: Phonedog

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