HTC HD Mini gets FCC approval with support for AT&T's 3G band

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HTC HD Mini gets FCC approval with support for AT&T's 3G band

Even though a trio of the latest HTC devices were all intended to be made available in Europe first, we've slowly begun to see some of those handsets make it to our shores – in some way or another. As we've seen the surprising huge demand for the HTC HD2 for T-Mobile, the HTC HD Mini may be coming to North America sooner than later. It was recently seen over at the FCC with its ID label which means that some kind of variant will support North American 3G bands – as of right now, it looks as though AT&T might be a prime candidate. Moreover, it could potentially become available as an unlocked unit to offer the many customers in North America a chance to check out the slim Windows Mobile smartphone. As we've seen AT&T hastily drop the price of the HTC Pure to almost free over the course of the last month, it may signal to something more as there is no shortage of people looking for the HTC HD2 for T-Mobile – so it might be an incentive for AT&T to attract the same crowd with the HTC HD Mini.

HTC HD Mini Specifications | Review

source: FCC via Engadget


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