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HTC Desire, Legend, and HD mini coming April 12th

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HTC Desire, Legend, and HD mini coming April 12th
Spring is going to end up being one cheery time for the many people who are excited about the recent announcements that HTC made during MWC. Aside from the wintery weather still lingering on, we're sure that many people out there are looking forward to the warmer weather accompanying spring – still there is better news with some of HTC's handsets going live some time around then. The HTC Desire, Legend, and HD Mini made one of the biggest headlines during MWC's center stage – all are expected to be available through Expansys starting on April 12. They're going for £419.99 ($656), £399.99 ($625), and £349.99 ($547) respectively. Although it'll be some time before you see the handset get shipped, you can expect to be guaranteed a handset if you buy now. The next thing you'll know is that spring is right around the corner and you can be one of the first to get your hands on one of HTC's latest handsets. These devices won't be cheap in any way, so just expect to save up a good amount if you want to be the first in your block to be holding one.

HTC Desire Specifications | Hands-on
HTC Legend Specifications | Hands-on
HTC HD Mini Specifications | Hands-on

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