HTC Capacitive Stylus coming soon?

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HTC Capacitive Stylus coming soon?
Back during the dog days of August, we reported on a HTC patent of a stylus for a capacitive screen. According to U.K. online retailer Clove, the stylus is about to be launched. Designed with the huge 4.3 inch capacitive screen of the HTC HD2 in mind, the design in the patent uses a magnetic head to recreate the current created by the touch of a finger on a capacitive screen to move things around the display, but with more precision than possible with a finger tip. The HTC STYHD2 will cost 17.25 BP after tax, approximately $26 USD.

The HTC HD2 is the first Windows Mobile device to use a capacitive screen rather than the resistive display that devices using Microsoft's OS use. The latter type of screen works on pressure created by just about anything that can press down on the display like a pen cap, a regular stylus or a finger. Now those using smartphones with capacitive screens like the iPhone, the BlackBerry Storm and the Motorola DROID can have the precision touch of a stylus for clicking on a link no matter how big a user's fingers are.



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