Government and business users might be the first to get the LTE upgrade to the Motorola XOOM

Government and business users might be the first to get the LTE upgrade to the Motorola XOOM
When the Motorola XOOM hit the market back in February, its 4G capabilities were among its top selling points. However, there was a catch – users had to sit tight and wait until the tablet was ready to receive its LTE radio implant, which was promised to happen at some point in the second quarter of the year.

Well, the month of August is nearing its end, and to the disappointment of all early Motorola XOOM adopters, the LTE upgrade for the tablet has yet to become reality. Fortunately, it appears like the process may finally begin in September so the long wait may be finally coming to an end. Nevertheless, XOOM owners should not get too excited about this just yet as the first to get their tablet upgraded to 4G LTE may be business and government users.

This is what becomes apparent after going over this email with instructions covering the process of sending the Motorola XOOM back to the manufacturer for surgery. The initial upgrade group will act as a “pilot” program before the remaining XOOM owners receive their LTE upgrade as well. It seems like the process itself will be pretty straightforward as the tablet will simply need to be shipped in a prepaid postage box. Just as Motorola promised after the tablet's launch, getting equipping your XOOM with a 4G radio will be free of charge.

If you happen to be a Motorola XOOM owner yourself, feel free to check out the email and become familiar with the upgrade procedure. Once the initial batch of 4G upgrades is out, it probably would not be long until you are given the chance to get your tablet running on Verizon's LTE airwaves as well.

source: Droid Life

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1. Rob unregistered

The email states a 3-day turnaround time. That would mean overnight shipping to Motorola, upgrade the same day, and overnight shipping back. I'm going to go ahead and assume that us lowly consumers will have to wait the previously mentioned 6 days.

2. Kruhn unregistered

Three-to-five days turnaround once received according to Moto's own technical service call-in line. I checked with them yesterday. Of course, I have to wait. Sniff. Sniff.

3. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

wow Moto have a sugar daddy named Google so they can doo whateve they want... thats what you poeple get for buying the halfbaked and rushed piece of brick..sorry a 4G upgradeable piece of bad..

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