Google's December security patch addresses KRACK issue and other vulnerabilities

Google has just announced that Nexus and Pixel devices are now eligible for a new security update that will address many of it issues discovered in the last couple of months. The most important change that December security patch is supposed to bring is a fix for the dreaded KRACK vulnerability.

The recently discovered KRACK security vulnerability affects the majority of devices powered by Android OS that feature Wi-Fi support. Apparently, an attacker within range of an Android device can use the KRACK exploit to read information from that device, which was previously assumed to be safely encrypted.

Unfortunately, that includes sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos and just about anything that's stored on the device.

Many smartphone companies have already released fixes for this particular security issue, but not Google. Well, it looks like the December security patch will address the KRACK issue, along with other vulnerabilities that would make an Android device less secure. You can find in-depth details about the changes included in the patch at the source link below.

source: Google



2. cnour

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They need to do that everyday and not every month.

4. sgodsell

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Cnour it's well known that you only use and praise your Apple god. So why are you here again? Oh yes, to troll again. I guess it's lonely for you under that bridge where you live.

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