Googler debunks the new Nexus program and Android 4.2 rumors with "LOL", source apologizes

Google's comment on the new Nexus program and Android 4.2 rumors: LOL!
We've been in speculation frenzy mode over the last week, with Google's elusive annual Nexus device(s) taking up the hot seat. Undisclosed "sources" have been speculating that there will be more than one Nexus device this year, running Android 4.2. That new Android version, they claimed, will include an official theme manager that will have the manufacturer overlay on the side, but the phones will ship with stock Android.

Well, that, and many other rumored features. Google's Dan Morill, however, took to G+ yesterday, and enigmatically wrote: "Reading rumor sites.... LOL," leaving everybody in an even more frenzied mode. Well, the source of these rumors actually apologized for not confirming them with multiple sources, so we now know what he meant:

The "Hoaxer" himself added what's still possible, and what he made up:

It was a sweet rumor while it lasted, which, of course, doesn't preclude seeing an LG Optimus G Nexus soon with an updated Android 4.2 onboard, it's just that the scope of the Nexus overhaul might be less ambitious than what we hoped for. We'll know more when Andy Rubin takes the stages at the AllThingD: conference later this month to talk about Nexus-y stuff.

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