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Google takes Fusion Voicemail Plus off the Android Market

Google takes Fusion Voicemail Plus off the Android Market
Another app has been removed from the Android Market because of payment issues. This time, the victim is PhoneFusion's popular Visual VoiceMail application Fusion Voicemail Plus, which for the past several years had accumulated over a million downloads. The reason for the removal lies in section 3.3 of the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement, which enforces the usage of Google's payment processing system for all transactions between end users and software companies.

For those of you who are not familiar with the app, Fusion Voicemail Plus was capable of listing and putting together in one place all of your voicemail messages, including the ones from your cellular line, your office phone, your home phone, and any other voicemail inbox. It could accomplish that by redirecting or forwarding all your unanswered calls to its servers, technically creating a single inbox for all your voicemails.

Basically, Google never received its share of the profit, generated by the otherwise free application, since PhoneFusion charges their users for premium Fusion Voicemail Plus services through its own website. Needless to say, Google was not too happy about that and decided to pull the plug. A last resort solution for PhoneFusion would be to upload the software as a whole new program to the Market, with the issue resolved, of course, but that means losing all the positive feedback, which users have left over the years. Unfortunately, another clear suggestion by Google has not been given to the developers yet.

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