Google pushes out updates for Wallet, Google+, and Authenticator

Google pushes out updates for Wallet, Google+, and Authenticator
Google is pushing out a series of updates for their Android apps today, with Wallet, Google+, and Authenticator getting some love. The Google+ update is listed as “Several stability improvements and bug fixes,” so there isn’t a whole lot exciting going on there (unless you have been having problems with bugs or stability, we imagine). The Google Authenticator likewise only lists “Security bug fixes,” which I guess should reassure users of Google’s secure log-in app that they are staying on top of security threats.

Google Wallet, on the other hand, is getting a major update, including:

  1. Ability to handle PO Boxes for Prepaid Card top up
  2. Increased allowable address length for Prepaid Card top up
  3. Fixes to rewards card syncing
  4. Improvements for supporting more handsets
  5. Core Wallet system fixes

The last one, “core system fixes” may relate to the security issues that popped up the last couple months, although Google is unlikely to elaborate on that point, since there’s no sense in telling hackers how you’ve shored up your security measures.

If you use one of these services you can go grab the updates at the market links below. Verizon Google Wallet users that installed an apk that became available in December may be disappointed to ldearn that they cannot see the update in the Android Market. If you fall into that group, there's a documented work around you can find in the source links that should net you the update.

market links: Google Wallet, Google Authenticator, Google+
source: Droid-Life


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