Google prepping semantic search results, Siri rival for Android to benefit handsomely

Google prepping semantic search results, Siri rival for Android to benefit handsomely
Google is on the verge of a big overhaul of the way it delivers search results. The Mountain View brainiacs are planning to introduce a semantic search implementation over the next months, so as they know when you type "Apple" whether you are looking for the fruit, or the company, and hide the results accordingly.

Not really, but threatened by Bing's dabbles in semantic search and above all Facebook's vast treasure trove of personalized information databases, Google is moving on to deliver even more relevant search content. 

It bought Metaweb, whose database has 12 million entries about every popular topic you can think of like movies, books, companies and celebrities, and will be using it to size up search request against, coming up with Google's own answers, instead of just redirecting you to a page containing them, for instance.

Word around the camp fire is that Google will be leveraging this semantic search in the rumored Siri competitor for Android, which WSJ confirmed once again is in the works, citing its own sources. 

Google's search chief Amit Singhal implied in an interview that semantic search can definitely benefit Majel, or whatever Google's voice-controlled assistant will be named: "When we can deliver small nuggets of information, that system is far more suited to mobile phones and searching with voice," he said.

source: WSJ


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