Google patent shows possible controls for Project Glass

Google patent shows possible controls for Project Glass
Project Glass is one of the more exciting Google products that has come around in a while. Part of the excitement is because of the sheer implications of what will essentially be the first commercially available social communications device, but also because we just don't know a lot about it. All we really know is that it is a pair of glasses that can take pictures, make calls, send messages, get directions, etc. We don't know if they work independently, or if they need to hook into a smartphone for any of those features other than the camera. 

We don't even really know how the whole thing will work. We know that there are voice controls, but we don't know if that's the only option. And, if voice controls are the only option, that might not be the best because there are still plenty of noisy places in the world where voice command just doesn't work all that well. But, a newly granted Google patent may show another form of user control for Project Glass. 

The patent was approved just a couple days ago and it shows a system of control whereby infrared sensors interact with "wearable markers". This means that the user could have reflective rings, or fake fingernails which the infrared sensor could track and translate the movement into recognizable gestures. There's no guarantee that Google will implement this in Project Glass, but it could make for a good backup if you're not into voice control. 

source: USPTO via The Verge


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